Early Morning Townhouse Fire in Hershey
February 3, 2020

Early this morning around 4:30am. Rescue 91-5, along with other township units, was dispatched to a confirmed working, middle of the row, townhouse fire in Hershey. Rescue 91-5 went responding with 5 and upon arrival crews took the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) assignment. Throughout the call rescue crews conducted multiple 360's to assist with safety, locate & understand possible areas of trouble, and monitor the progress of the fire attack. Once control was marked and the bulk of the fire was knocked down, the rescue crew disbanded RIT and assisted other crews working. Rescue 91-5 crews were operating for approximately 4 hours before being relieved and placed in service.

Photos courtesy of Hummelstown Fire, Hershey Fire, & Dustin Weese